Sagpon Falls

Sagpon Falls or others call it Matuasi Falls. This gem is located just about 10mins. drive away from the city, in the Barangay of Ibarra.

It is hidden in the deep mountainous area of Ibarra, that is going to the SLEM Housing projects. It is used by locals as one of the irrigation system in the rice fields as the water supply is so vast. Also in the lower part of the falls is where some locals spend time to wash their clothes. They created a mini-pool like area where they can sit and have the clothes washed and cleaned.

The place is not fully developed and we think the locals wants it that way so as not to destroy its natural formation of the rocks and also the water flow. A lot of kids spends time here swimming as its not crowded and the place is not directly exposed to the sun making the location a perfect place to cool down. The image taken is on the top area of the falls, it is not difficult to climb and find.

Going around the falls is easy and you will be able to say that it has a big brother falls that comes from the even higher mountains, since the water trail going up is very long.