After one year it is time again for the city of Maasin to choose the new Mutya ng Maasin 2019. On the 8th of August 2019, 15 beautiful ladies will compete and try to win the crown. A few weeks ago the organizers made a pre-pageant selection as there were 30 contestants and that they only have to choose 15 lucky ladies to compete on the coronation night.

It was not an easy task since all the ladies were very competitive, not just with the beauty they possess but also their intelligence and confidence. The top 15 were selected and chosen to be part and will have the chance to win the crown as Mutya ng Maasin 2019.

It is my pleasure to show the names below of those chosen for the upcoming pageant night.

  • Ms. Kathleen Gono – Barangay Laboon
  • Ms. Marichu Rom – Barangay Lonoy
  • Ms. Krisha Belle Zamora – Barangay Tagnipa
  • Ms. Elaineil Galanida – Barangay Guadalupe
  • Ms. Marielle Valencia – Barangay Combado
  • Ms. Honey Jane Grullo – Barangay Rizal
  • Ms. Sabrina Breana Finley – Barangay Asuncion
  • Ms. Ashley Mae Galo – Barangay Abgao
  • Ms. Frances Gladwin – Barangay Acasia
  • Ms. Charlize Jalleca Geraldo – Barangay Tunga-tunga
  • Ms. Trixie May Faller – Barangay Pasay
  • Ms. Gwyneth Lopez – Barangay San Agustin
  • Ms. April Mae Labastida – Barangay San Rafael
  • Ms. Keizyl Mae Necosia – Barangay Mantahan
  • Ms. Cestine Arvy Fenix – Barangay Isagani

Being able to see all the contestants, I can safely say that it will be a tight race to the finish. Each candidate has its wit and charm that will make it more difficult for our judges to decide and select who will be the next! For us to witness this grand event and see them live, let us all join and come to the pageant night and support all the ladies competing for the crown.

We wish all the contestants the best of luck and may the best woman win and be named Mutya ng Maasin 2019.