We as Filipinos are very Religious and are strong believers of our faith. Pilgrims or Shrines are very dear to us. This is why in Maasin City one of the famous places people go to, especially during the Holy Week is called Hanginan, or the Hanginan Shrine.

Hanginan Shrine - Maasin City TourismHanginan Shrine - Maasin City Tourism

For many many years, the practice is that during Holy Week, or if you want a wish to come true, or Thank God for the blessings, almost everyone goes to Hanginan. The path is not an easy one, you have to climb up hundreds of steps and pass thru hills and mountains to get there. They say it is the one way of showing our love to God, that we are willing to sacrifice to get there and pray for him.

Hanginan Shrine - Maasin City Tourism Hanginan Shrine - Maasin City Tourism Hanginan Shrine - Maasin City Tourism

The place is full of people that you will have a hard time passing or climbing, especially during Fridays and Holy Week. But reaching the top is rewarding. There are food for breakfast and some delicacies that is only produced in Hanginan. Like the famous “Pinalutaw na Bibingka” it is really good!

It is not only a place of worship but a lot of residents also lives there, Hanginan is not only a shrine but a place, a barangay and part of the more than 70 barangays of Maasin City.

I want to encourage everyone to visit it when you happen to drop by at Maasin City, it will be all worth it and going down after reaching the top is a feeling of being cleansed and redeemed.