Always known as Pugaling Beach, it is where you can find Dakong Bato. Yes, obviously it is a big rock, so big that a lot of people can climb on top of it and jump as well to the sea. Making the rock as a high and huge diving board.

Dakong Bato - Maasin City Tourism

Dakong Bato is the icon and the attraction of Pugaling Beach. Most of us here grew up with this view and to others may have good memories as well. Now the place is even better since a new restaurant opened in the beach area. It is called Dakong Bato Restaurant. The place offers a variety of local delicacies, it is a perfect place to hangout, watch the sunset and dine at the same time while listening to waves rushing to the shore.

Reaching the area is very easy. Anyone can take a motorcab and just tell the driver you are going to Pugaling Beach or Dakong Bato which is located in Barangay Isagani, Maasin City.

Dakong Bato - Maasin City Dakong Bato - Maasin City Dakong Bato - Maasin CityDakong Bato - Maasin City Dakong Bato - Maasin City

Enjoy your summer at Dakong Bato – Pugaling beach!