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Anatalio Gaviola Plaza


MAYOR OF MAASIN (1903-1905)

• Born in Year 1859 *Died on September 2, 1954 (at the age of 95 yrs old)
• Father: Capitan VICTOR GAVIOLA
• On September 24, 1888 at age 29, he married PANTALEONA KUISON DEMETERIO (24 years old then), the eldest sibling among the eight (8) children of the distinguished and landed MONICO- MONICA DEMETERIO FAMILY of Sitio Sta. Ana, Brgy San Joaquin, MACROHON, SOUTHERN LEYTE;
• In 1903, 15 years after his marriage, he became Mayor of Maasin at the age of 44 years;
• He used to own and manage the school –Liceo de Maasin- which was located at Brgy Abgao where he taught the Spanish language to his students. Years after, he donated and gave this property (building and lot) as a gift to the MONICO-MONICA DEMETERIO FAMILY which later became part and parcel of the MONICO-MONICA DEMETERIO ESTATE;
• As Mayor of Maasin, one of this memorable feats was to secure back to the Municipality the land property fronting the Catholic Church now Catholic Cathedral from the clutches of the Spanish Friars who tried to unscrupulously grab the said Municipal land which was previously donated by the Gaviola Clan of Maasin to the Municipality. This land property later became the Town Plaza of Maasin.
• Mayor ANATALIO GAVIOLA braved all odds and underwent all legal processes to peacefully recover said property for the town of Maasin even to the saddest extent of being excommunicated by the Spanish Friars;
• Members of his family, relatives and townsfolk of Maasin earnest prayed for his good intentions and with God’s graces and mercy, the town of Maasin succeeded in taking back said land;
• His undaunted efforts and daring quest of successfully recovering the Maasin Plaza was finally realized. The town plaza was later named after him. It has been developed and improved by succeeding Maasin administration officials and executives year after year. It has now become one, if not, the most beautiful landmark of Maasin City- the ANATALIO GAVIOLA PLAZA;
• The family, relatives and friends of the late MAYOR ANATALIO SAAVEDRA GAVIOLA are forever thankful for this recognition and will always cherish this HONOR.