Abiera Museum of Arts Maasin City Tourism

One of Maasinhon’s pride is Abiera’s Museum of Arts. It is located in the heart of the city, in Brgy. Tunga-tunga, Maasin City, Southern Leyte.

The museum does not only serve as a place for tourist to visit, but this is also a good place for locals to go back in time and be reminded of our roots, since at some point in our lives people get to lose that grip of our beginnings. Reaching the place is not difficult since you get to ride a motor-cab or pot-pot to reach the place, just say the name and they will know.

Abiera Museum of Arts Maasin City Tourism

The museum was launched 40 years ago for free and still standing up to this moment, people from different places and locals have visited the museum.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Boy Abiera for this dedication and being a true Maasinhon, who rejected offers and large sum of money for the artefacts but chose to have it in his museum for the people to see and know its history.